Bhutan Adventure

This was a trip we did with Cheeseman Ecology Safaris. We have used the Cheesemans once before for the Galapagos. I have liked the size of the groups and the mix of people has been great. The food is wonderful and the guides are extremely knowledgeable.

Our guide for this trip was Hishey Tshering. He told me that people don’t really have first and last names in Bhutan. They just have names. “Mr. Tshering” would apparently not be entirely correct. He was extremely responsive to “Hishey” the whole trip!

I can’t say enough about the hospitality offered by the Bhutanese people. Hishey is a shining example of the people of Bhutan. He showed us how his country balanced development and economy with protecting the environment. I suppose that one might argue that both would really be the same category as eco-tourism blossoms.


Above are images of Hishey’s recently-opened hotel called the Trogon Villa. A gorgeous location with expansive views of the sub-tropical forests in the surrounding valleys. The staff at the Trogon were polite and professional as was the rule at all the hotels we experienced in Bhutan.