Abbotsford and the Burrard Inlet

Susie and I had the opportunity to meet up with our friends Tom, Michelle, Roberta and Ron whom we me on our March, 2012 Vietnam/Cambodia trip. Roberta and Ron had us up to their wonderful estate in Abbotsford, BC. They took us for a day trip up the Burrard Inlet to their get-a-way cabin.’

Boarding Ron's Boat


A man and his boat with a 427 V8!

Ron at the helm of his boat

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club on Burrard Inlet.
Royal Vancouver Yacht Club - Wigwam-Inn


Ron and Roberta’s cabin on Burrard Inlet was put together piece by piece of many years. Ron was full of stories about hauling material on his boat to the site.

Ron and Roberta's cabin on the InletThe lake above provides the water to generate power from the Lake Buntzen Power House.

BCC Hydro StationMichelle and Tom from Ontario.

Michelle and Tom



The gang.

Vietnam Cambodia Reunion


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  1. The Richter’s are jealous! Can’t believe it has been a year since our Cambodia/Viet Nam trip. We’re off on a Danube cruise in June. Hope everyone is great…you all look great!

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