We have just returned from Maine after helping Susie’s aunt celebrate her 90th in Sorrento. And a Grande Dame she is indeed. Sharp as a tack and clearly the family leader. I am proud to know her.

We only had 4 days so not much time for shooting. We did make a return to Prospect Harbor. Here is the Prospect Harbor Lighthouse shot on September 3, 2012.

Lighthouse at Prospect shot September 3, 2012
Lighthouse at Prospect Harbor


Prospect Harbor is clearly for the working lobsterman.

For convenience, many houses in Maine have names. This is especially true on the Weirhaven Farm Located on the Waukeag Neck Peninsula near Sorrento. We were fortunate to be invited to stay at the house called Guestwick.

The road to Guestwick bares the same name. The view is West towards Ingalls Island on Frenchman Bay.